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You will receive typically within 24 hours via email a confirmation of your requested coupon code that may be redeemed 400 times at Reelhouse.org for The Power of Zero documentary.  Each time your custom coupon code is redeemed for purchase at Reelhouse for The Power of Zero, it will count against your 400 copy count. 


We will send you a monthly report showing your current unused count.

400 Online Copies ($4.99/ea.)

  • PURCHASE ONLINE COPIES at $4.99/each


    The #1 agent request is an ability to purchase online copies in bulk of The Power of Zero documentary for those clients and prospective clients that no longer have a DVD player and want to stream everything.


    We have found a solution for you!




    You can now purchase a coupon code that may be redeemed 400 times.  Each time your custom coupon code is redeemed for purchase at Reelhouse for The Power of Zero, it will count against your 400 copy count. 




    We’ve received calls from agents who wanted to embed the film right in a password-protected area of their website.  Here’s an option for you now.  In that password-protected area of your website for your clients and invited prospective clients, you can provide your custom coupon code and the link to redeem their free copy of the film.




    Here’s the challenge.  No streaming provider has an automated way for this to work for filmmakers and agents.  The closest option we have is with Reelhouse, and it’s completely an analog method.  Here’s how it would work.  You purchase a coupon code here which will be good for 400 redemptions.  Once that order comes through, the filmmaker uses his administration rights at reelhouse.org and logs in manually and creates your custom coupon code, and marks that code that it can be used 400 times.  Once live (typically within 24 hours), you receive an email with the custom coupon code you requested and can then begin using it. 


    To check how many times an agent’s custom coupon code has been used, the filmmaker must log in to the administration panel at Reelhouse, scroll to that code and see its current count.  There’s no way for an agent to see that information.


    So here’s the reality:  agents will want updates from time to time, and the filmmaker will need to review the list and notify agents when they are starting to get low in the number of times their code can be redeemed or will have to do that when agents request an update.


    It’s a hassle and not worth doing for small number purchases.  We have therefore set the minimum of copies at 400 at $4.99/each.  So for a total of $1,999, agents can have a custom coupon code that may be redeemed 400 times, and the count will be available to use for 2 years from the time of purchase.




    We will review the list often and reach out to those participating to let them know when their numbers have dropped below 50 to consider replenishing.   In addition, we will send out a monthly report showing the current count.